Everyone’s looking for Pokémon, I’m just trying to find the post office

I’ve never been so lost within 15 minutes of my home as I was this week trying to find a particular post office. It was one of those “this should take no more than a half hour out of my day” to a full-out adventure, meeting some great people along the way. And with two kids in tow, stress was high, but laughs were abundant.

It began so simply. I signed up for a PO Box for my business. I went online and instead of renting a box at the post office closest to my house (because it’s on-street parking with meters and always really crowded) I opted for another post office a few miles further where the box was a little cheaper and I knew it would be easier to park and get the kiddos in and out.

I hadn’t been to the location before, but I’ve never put an address into Google Maps and not found it, so I didn’t think about it twice.

I packed up my kids and we started out. I put the address in and it brought up a post office which then said “permanently closed.” WHAT??? I know Google is silly sometimes, so I brushed it off as a mistake and started the trek. I paid a fee through the USPS website for the box, so I was pretty sure the post office was real.

I found it odd the way maps was taking me, but I followed it anyway. 15 minutes later and I was “at my destination” staring at a parking lot. Awesome. Maybe this post office didn’t actually exist?

I realized I was only 2 miles from my regular post office, so I decided to stop there and see if they could help.

I found a parking spot in front (bonus), got the kids out (baby carrier and all) and went in. Mind you, it’s 90 degrees, as well.

Luckily, no one was in line and we got right in. I talked to the lovely woman working there, explained the situation, and after making a call, she told me I could just get a box there if I wanted to and go online and cancel the other one. I realized the call she made was to the “other” post office and they did, in fact, exist! I told her I would rather go to the other office since I’d already paid, but the location wasn’t coming up in Google.

She took me and the kiddos into her office so I could talk to the woman on the phone working at the place I was trying to get to. I realized the address I had put in was for one town and there was another street with that same name in the next town over.

Now, I’m horrible at directions, unless it’s by landmarks. I was trying to listen while making sure my 5-year-old wasn’t taking all the lollipops offered to him out of the woman’s hand, which he did. (She was giving him flavor choices, he just took all three) and I was trying to get the baby his binky so he wasn’t fussy.

I heard a few landmarks and road names and figured I’d punch one of those into Maps and find my way. I thanked the woman for all her help and we headed back into the heat, back into the car.

Exit Post Office #1.

I plugged in one of the roads she told me and it came up. About 15 minutes away. Ok, perfect. We drove along, but when we got to the end of the road on my Maps and I tried to type in post office nearby, NOTHING came up. I had to make a decision, left or right. I chose right. (I chose wrong).

We drove up the wrong road and I realized I knew exactly where I was, but still had no idea where the post office could be. I tried to type it in again and one came up (not the original address, but one of the roads I remembered hearing on the phone) so I went for that. About 5 minutes away, this had to be it! My son and I were laughing like crazy at this point.

Post Office #2. We pull into the lot, I get the kiddos out once more, sweating, carrying the baby carrier, and head inside. I told the woman working, “We just talked on the phone about how to get here…” And she said,  “Nope, you are probably looking for “other post office.”

“YES, yes I am. WHERE IS IT???”

She told me it was about three miles down the road. Baby is now really fussy. But we are so close. So close! I started writing this post in my head at that moment.

She told me I would have to turn on a certain lane and that the road sign was covered by a tree, so watch for it. I thanked her for all her help and again, back in the heat, back in the car.

Three miles later, I saw the lane! Success. We made the turn and at the end of the road, I realized I was so focused on getting to that lane, I couldn’t remember left or right at the end of it. I chose right. (I chose right!)

The post office was nestled at the bottom of that street. It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. Kiddos back out of the car for Post Office #3 and third time’s a charm. The woman inside was extremely sweet and we had a nice conversation about me not being able to find the location.

She said other people had mentioned that happening and she had no idea how to “change Google.” We had a good laugh and conversation. Enter lollipop #4.

I got the keys to my box, thanked yet another kind soul I met on this journey, and got the kiddos back in the car. I was only fifteen minutes from my house at this point. I’m amazed at how close I was, yet how lost I felt.

All told, we were gone about an hour and a half. Such a simple errand that turned into an adventure. My five-year old thought it was super fun to see all the post offices and get so many treats. Now every time we get in the car it’s, “Mommy, remember when you kept going the wrong way?” Followed by intense giggling. And I find myself giggling right along with him. It was pretty hilarious.

I’m thankful for all the kindness from every single person we met. And hey, I got a blog out of it, right? And a PO Box!

I’ve learned that when technology terribly fails, it’s people that come through. If I would have called the post office before I left and asked for directions, this never would have happened. I’ll think about that next time I need to research something, or ask a question, or get a quote. Online may be convenient, but people give you the human connection and kindness that technology never can.





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The Summer of Two

At the end of the week, I turn 33. What? I literally feel 16 most of the time. And in a few months, my husband and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. 10 years?? I’m also now a mom of two. TWO kids?? Again, how did I get to this point and how did it all happen in the blink of an eye? Time is FLYING and I’m just trying to keep up. My blogs help me stop for a moment and freeze time. I know in another ten years, I’ll enjoy reading these and remembering that time in my life.





This is the Summer of Two. A pretty milestone summer. For one, it’s the last summer before my oldest heads to kindergarten. Life will never be the same once he starts school full-time. It’s also the first summer we are a family of four. Two little boys home with mom all day, every day. Begin panic mode.



2011: Vincenzo


2016: Santino



My loves

One kid to two kids is a big jump. Even though my oldest is five, and very self-sufficient, it’s still two little guys vying for mom’s attention.

I run a copywriting business, a business that has really grown over the last year and I’m busy. BUSY. I work with a handful of clients on a full-time basis and also handle project-based work as often as it comes. I have an independent contractor who assists me when I have way too much going on, but she has a full-time job, so usually everything falls into my lap. Being entrepreneur and mom is a balancing act like none other.

I run the business, and also act as stay-at-home mom. Which is THE HARDEST JOB ON EARTH. No nanny, no assistant, just me. I am constantly cleaning, doing laundry, dishes, making lunch or dinner, paying bills, running errands, playing with the kids, running the kids to their various appointments and activities. It never, ever, ever ends.

I never knew the true definition of busy until this point in my life. I need to learn to live on less sleep and still wake up with a smile and I need to remember to stop and take a break when things get too hectic. One day, I will miss the chaos and the noise.

I know the Summer of Two is going to be one amazing summer. Every day that goes by, my kids get a little older. And one day, the Summer of Two will have a very different meaning. The Summer of Two will simply mean my husband and I. The kids will be busy with their own lives, their own families.

I will embrace every crazy day with my family. My husband and I will work and do all the “adulting” required, but we will also…

take the boys on adventures, to amusement parks, on play dates with friends, out in the sun and in the rain, play mini-golf, ride go-carts, read books, learn and explore, make crafts, eat Popsicles and ice cream, take a ton of photos and videos and enjoy every second together. No matter how many diaper bags and changes of clothes we need to pack!

My friend just reminded me of the quote, “The days are long, but the years are short,” when talking about kids and it’s so very true.

So to ten wonderful years with my best friend, to year 33 ahead and to my two fantastic little boys, let’s make the Summer of Two – our best Summer yet!

Tell me about your summer plans!




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To My First Baby…As Our Lives Change

Dear Vincenzo,

I know I need to write this letter to you. It’s very important that one day you read these words, as I write them, fighting back tears and smiling at the same time.

You are our first baby. And for 5 years, it’s been you, mommy and daddy. The three amigos, up against the world. You have been our everything. And now, our hearts have expanded with love and we will soon welcome your baby brother to our family. This is going to change all of our lives, but I never want you to forget how much you mean to me.

You and I bonded in a special way, when mommy ended up in the hospital at 29 weeks pregnant. Daddy and I were scared. Very scared. We weren’t sure what was going to happen in those first few days. Would you come early? Would you have to fight for your life? What would we do if we lost you? But each day, after the doctors were able to stop mommy’s active labor, you grew inside mommy one day longer, reached one more crucial week. Even though your environment wasn’t ideal, you stayed strong. Even before your birth, we knew how amazing you were.

Mommy stayed in the hospital, on bed rest, only allowed to use the restroom and take a shower for the next five and a half weeks. I talked to you constantly. Most of the time, it was just you and I. Sure, Daddy came to see us as much as he could, and all of our family and Mommy’s friends came to visit us, but they all had their lives to live. Work to attend, kids to raise, houses to take care of, and it was just you and Mommy much of the time. I wrote a journal during those weeks with a lot of notes to you and special thoughts Mommy had, and you will get to read that someday, so I won’t go into too much here. Just know that in those weeks, I decided that being a mom was all that mattered to me.  That I would be the best mom in the world if I was lucky enough to get to be one. I realized that money and a career wasn’t the priority anymore, you were. That was something that Mommy needed to learn and was one of the greatest gift you’ve given me.

You made it to the doctor’s goal date of 34 weeks! And that happened to be Easter Sunday that year. What a blessed and perfect day for you to arrive. Mommy and Daddy only got to hold you for a few minutes, before they took you away to the NICU. We had to wait a few hours before we finally got to see you and when we did, our hearts exploded with love. You were so very tiny, just 4.8 pounds and 16 inches long and you were inside an incubator covered with wires, surrounded by beeping monitors.


We were first-time parents, terrified and unprepared. But your adorable face and fighting spirit gave us the strength we needed. We were able to hold you and feed you and change your diaper (we got really good at doing that from outside your incubator, so when you came home, diapers were a breeze!) and we sat by your side just staring at you and praying for you to come home to us.

I fell in love with you before you were born, but in those early moments, I realized what being a mommy meant. And the great life that we were going to have as a family.

You were a trooper and you were able to come home after only 16 days. It was the longest and hardest 16 days of our lives, but we were very lucky. Many babies have to stay much longer, or sadly, never get to come home.


Mommy left her job to be home with you, something I never dreamed I’d do. But, I figured out an even better way to bring income to our family AND be your full-time mommy at the same time. You helped me realize what I had inside myself. I created my own business and now live a flexible and wonderful life as a writer (my dream since I was just a little girl).

We chose your name before we knew you’d be a preemie, but it fit you perfectly. Vincenzo means ‘the conqueror’ in Italian and in all the almost 5 years of your life, you have been nothing but that. You have thrived no matter what your circumstances brought you and we couldn’t be more proud of the little boy you have become.

You’ve had your struggles. You’ve had fantastic therapists and you’ve worked very hard. Through your speech, occupational and physical therapy, you’ve grown beyond our dreams. In just a few short months, you’ll start kindergarten and just typing that makes me so happy and so sad. You are growing up far too fast. But you are such a gentleman, such a polite, sweet, smart child, I know that each year of your life will be magical .The life you have ahead of you will be phenomenal.






I could write about you forever, but as we get ready to add another member to our awesome family, I want you to know a few things:

I am always in awe of your talents and how smart you are and I always will be.

Even when you don’t think I’m paying attention, I hear you and I see you.

When I’m busy and can’t always stop and play, it hurts my heart.

I miss you every time you aren’t here, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours.

I love our snuggles, our lazy mornings together, and all the times it’s just you and me.

Seeing you run to me for a hug and scream ‘Mommy’ as you leave school or therapy will be a memory I cherish forever. 

I cry when I think about you getting older and not needing me as much anymore, because I’ll always need you. 

You will always be one of my best friends.

You will always be the person I wish I could be more like.

I will always hold you, hug you, love you and help you in any stage of your life.

I promise to plan special days for just you and I for the rest of your life.

No matter how many siblings you have, know that my love for you will never change.



12This may be the end of just the three of us, but think about how exciting our lives will be with your brother. He will look up to you and love you and I know you will protect him and adore him. Having a sibling is a great blessing and I can’t wait for my two precious boys to meet and begin their lives together. Your bond will be strong and you will have a forever partner in crime, best friend and support system.

Being your mom is my greatest accomplishment. You are my dream come true.

I love you, my first baby.





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Three Women, Two States, One Awesome Time: My Crazy 48 Hour Road Trip

When my best friend told me her baby shower would be in New York in July AND it just so happened to be the same week my mom was on vacation, I knew a road trip was in order.

After a quick Google search, I realized that where I would be on Long Island was only about a 2.5 hour drive from my brother’s new digs in Connecticut (he recently began working at ESPN) so I called my mom and told her to get ready for a whirlwind weekend of awesomeness.

She was game, along with my Aunt, and the three of us set out at 5 am Friday morning for the trek to Long Island.

We made really good time and only battled a few obstacles, like our GPS losing service right after the George Washington Bridge in Manhattan and us scrambling to type in our destination. Other than that, we chatted, looked out the window, talked about anything and everything and just enjoyed some girl time together.

I was driving and mom was riding shotgun, so there was a lot of gasps and her pushing her imaginary brake pedal as what I deem “aggressive and necessary driving” on major roadways she saw as “reckless and terrifying.” LOL. My poor Aunt just sat in the backseat and tried to “see both sides.” She is the ultimate peace maker and of course we are already laughing about it.

We made it to Islandia, NY, where we were staying and popped into the hotel to take a breather before heading out to explore. First selfie was a fail. Blurry as all get out.


We traveled to Old Dock Inn in Kings Park., NY for lunch and had this beautiful view out the window.


After lunch we decided we’d head to Jones Beach. Mind you, we were totally relying on Google Maps for this entire trip and although mostly accurate, it’s nerve wracking to say the least.

Jones Beach was supposed to be just a short 45 minute drive so we headed out. Google Maps said something odd like “this route has restricted roads” and every time I entered on to a new road, I was waiting for someone to pull me over and ask me what the hell I was doing. I realized those restricted roads were for private beaches, so we were all good.

We got lost about 3 times. Basically, you go in on a one way road and then have to do a U-turn when you get to the beach you want to get to on the other side of the road. We screwed that up a few times and drove around the Jones Beach Water Tower where the traffic circle is a few times too many (think Clark W. Griswold in European Vacation below).

Finally, we found our way and somehow turned a 45 minute drive into about an hour and a half. By the time we got there, parking was free, since it was after 4 pm, so I guess that worked out to our advantage and we spent the next few hours enjoying the crash of the waves and the warm sand on our toes. The ocean makes you forget about crazy driving, or rushed schedules, or work. The breeze, the smell, the sounds. We had a few hours of pure heaven right there on that beach and it was a beautiful day with loads of sunshine.

IMG_1496 IMG_1483 IMG_1480

Exhausted from a long day of traveling, we headed to TGI Fridays for dinner, then back to our hotel to crash.

Saturday morning we got up early (like 6 am early). My mom is the queen of early mornings. On a regular day, she has probably had 2 cups of tea, did 3 loads of laundry, and watched an entire documentary on Netflix before I even get out of bed. I’m a night owl, along with my Aunt, so we struggled with the lack of sleep, but another busy day was ahead so they headed to breakfast and my best friend picked me up for our morning together.

We headed to a diner and had a nice big breakfast, catching up on life, enjoying the moment together, just the two of us. She lives in Orlando and I live in Pittsburgh, so every chance we get to spend together is special.

Then we headed back to her house to pack up and get ready for her baby shower! We picked up balloons and cake and headed to the restaurant. Cindi and I below 🙂


We enjoyed an awesome meal and great conversation at the shower and before I knew it, my mom and aunt were outside ready to pick me up for our road trip within a road trip to Connecticut!

We headed out around 3:40 and arrived in Southington, CT at about 6:00. Great timing and not a bad ride at all! Just a few more gasps and Oh My God’s from my mom, but we made it in one piece.

My brother met us at the hotel: reunited! Missed this kid, a lot. Then we headed to dinner!



We ate at J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, CT and as Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation would say, “It was GOOOOOOOOOD.”


And they had the coolest glasses…


We enjoyed a great meal and caught up with the bro, then went to check out his apartment. After that, headed back to our hotel (which was amazing by the way: Homewood Suites) and we talked and hung out for a while longer before he had to head back. He had to work Sunday so it was a short, short visit but a much needed one for all of us. Lots of hugs. Lots of tears.

Hotel pics:




They are Suites, so there was also a full kitchen with a stove, dishwasher, large fridge, etc. We were only there for a short time, but it was fantastic!

Sunday morning we woke up (early again, thanks Mom), had some breakfast at the Suites, and then started the long 7 hour drive home. The drive was super easy and we didn’t hit any traffic and by 3:30 pm, I was home with my boys.

It was a FAST and CRAZY 48 hours. But it was a trip we will always remember. Not often in our adult lives, after marriage and kids, do we get to hang out with our parents and family like this. I will cherish this weekend and the time I got to spend with two lovely women in my life. We really missed my sister and wished she could have been with us, but she was working. Sorry, Lisa. We love you!

And a big thank you to my husband for holding down the fort and spending quality time with our son while mommy was away. They had a blast during their boy’s weekend and I even came home to this:


Every memory you can make, please take it. Don’t miss out. Do the crazy drive. Take the long flight. Pay the money. Find the time. Moments are worth it all.

Now just a few more weeks of work and our first family vacation of the year is coming up. Can’t wait to share all about it.

Where are you going this Summer? Ever have a crazy road trip??

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My Baby Is Going To Preschool

Our son turned 4 last month. I didn’t think too much of the age change. Cenzo has always been slightly delayed due to his premature birth, so we don’t look at age very closely. We look at milestones and developments, and as they come, they come. We champion and celebrate each one, no matter how long it takes, or what age it happens. We don’t worry about what is typical. We are absolutely proud of every single challenge and obstacle he has overcome in his short life and we know he still has many more to conquer.

His speech therapist recently said to me that he is “academically advanced” and already has most of his preschool skills. That was an amazing thing to hear and I almost burst with pride.

I see him as my baby, even though he proudly proclaims he’s a big boy, to which I must agree. And I didn’t realize how big that baby was getting until I sent in a deposit to his upcoming preschool. Ever since I mailed that check, my heart has been beating faster.

When my husband and I drop him off that first day in September, it will be impossible to hold back tears. I cry just thinking about it now, and it’s months and months away.

My baby is not a baby. He’s a preschooler. He’s ready to listen to a teacher, follow routines, meet friends, sharpen his skills, learn new ones. He’s growing up, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

While some are so naturally gifted at being that quintessential supermom, I sometimes struggle to find my place. I run my business and strive so hard to maintain the right balance between business and parenting.

I wrote in my mom’s Mother’s Day card (and she’s the best mom on this Earth) that I was thankful for her advice and guidance as I stumble through motherhood, because that’s how I feel a lot of the time. I never feel like I give enough, do enough, am there enough. I’ve made mistakes and wish I had done some things differently, but then again I don’t.

I look at our Cenzo and he’s really the picture of polite. He’s caring and feels deeply for others. He says please and thank you. He waits his turn. He smiles and waves at all. He would never tell a child they couldn’t play with him. He has open arms and an open heart. He has taught me a lot about true kindness and love.

Since I work from home, I know my life will be a bit easier when he goes to school, but I will miss him so much. For those few hours a week that he is gone, the house will be far too quiet, a deafening silence. I will write. I will work. But, I will never be the same, because my little one, my star, my best friend, will be growing up and changing in his new world.

I know all parents struggle with their kids going to school. It’s life changing. If anyone has any advice, please let me know how you got through those first few weeks!

For now, it’s a focus on the Summer. Vacation and time with family and friends, soaking up the sun, and enjoying these last few months of true mommy and Cenzo time, before school begins.

Yesterday we read some books and Cenzo fell asleep in my arms. It was the middle of the day, and he never naps anymore, so it was a welcome surprise. I covered him with his blanket and came over to write this blog. I kept glancing over at him and thinking that no matter what, he will forever and always be my baby. I love you, my son.


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Feeling My Age

When I was a kid I thought there was this magic moment when you kind of went “poof” and turned into an adult. I thought your mindset changed and you instantly knew how to do things like pay bills and invest in stocks and bake gourmet dinners. And you knew how to take care of a family and plan vacations and you’d go to your dream job every day and come home to your perfect little house with your perfect little family.

It was a naive notion and if I told that little kid that at 31, almost 32, she hadn’t hit “poof” yet, I bet she’d be quite surprised.

Of course we know that “poof” doesn’t exist. It’s more like “steam.” We gradually rise from childhood into “adulthood.” Although I’m not really sure what that means.

I’ve grown and matured. I understand how to do adult tasks. I have a husband and a child. I work every day (dream job part did come true) and I guess by all society’s standards, I’m a well-functioning adult.

But I’ve never really felt my age. I still have the same crazy imagination and need for fun than I did at 13 or 18. I still worry about really dumb stuff. I still need to call my mom when I have a question. I still feel like I’m playing dress up sometimes. I still watch shows geared towards a  younger demographic on TV and still relate to it all.

I always told myself that no matter how old I got, I’d never get too old for parties and fun and general rowdiness.

Of course those parties look a bit different from they used to, and my friends and I cannot believe what we thought was ok to post online back in those days. But I’ve still never really felt 31. Until a few days ago…

My husband and I were going to be hosting a little get together for St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday always celebrated in our household, and we were looking for some green attire.

Back in the day, you could find me in any number of get ups from giant green and white striped hats, to feather boas, and green hot pants, but I was just looking for a shirt this year.

We went to Spencer’s, at our mall, because they always have a lot of fun novelty shirts. They had a big selection and a really cute, perfectly sized tank top that said “Let’s Get Sham-wrecked.” Now a few years ago, pre kiddo and all, I wouldn’t have thought twice about buying that shirt. I would have totally bought it. But good old 31 crept up and I thought to myself, “You cannot possibly wear that,  you are far too old. What if someone posts a picture of you and one of your clients sees it? Or one of Cenzo’s therapists? (Told you, I worry about dumb stuff. Honestly most of my clients would laugh and love it).

As I was looking over the shirt, caressing the awesome criss-cross shoelace detail in the back, I noticed a few teenage boys come in. They were looking at me like I was their principal and I swear kinda snickering. I was instantly embarrassed, like I had to get out of this store. My husband and son were perusing in the back, and I had to walk past the teenagers to get to them. I accidentally bumped into one of them as I was getting through the aisle way and when I apologized, he said, “It’s cool, lady.”



I feel like lady equals old in this exchange. I then became intensely aware that everyone around me looked super young, even the people working, and I kinda nodded at my husband and did the big eye thing, like, “Hey let’s get outta here.”

I know I was probably making all of this up in my head and no one was looking at me weird, and lady might be the coolest thing going to call a girl these days. But at that moment, I kinda went “poof.”

Even though I will always party and have a good time, (and let me tell you, our St. Paddy’s party this year was off the hook! Is that still cool to say? LOL) I know I’m in my 30s. I get it and I embrace it.

My sister and I at the party

My sister and I at the party

The day after our party, after a few hours of clean-up, and spraying lots of air freshener to remove the stale beer smell lingering in the house, we picked up our son and went to breakfast as a family.

At one moment during a break in the party recap chat, my husband and I looked at each other across the table and smiled. We both knew what it meant. We love the parties and the friends and the wild times. But there was nowhere we would have rather been in that moment, than right there, just the three of us, enjoying Sunday Brunch.

Cheers to the “poof!”

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Life Transitions: Getting To The Next Slide

I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions. Life transitions. Some of my friends are going through major ones in their lives right now.

I have friends that have ended long relationships, friends dealing with divorce, friends dealing with loss of friendships, all the way to the other side of the spectrum where friends are welcoming new babies, new jobs, and new homes.

I was emailing one of my friends and relayed to her that life transitions remind me of PowerPoint transitions. You know, good old PowerPoint. That ever so user-friendly, not so much used anymore, presentation tool we have come to both loathe and love.

Transitions are the things that happen in between slides. Just as in life, transitions are the thoughts and actions that get us to the next part of our story, the next slide.

I opened up PowerPoint on my Mac, literally for the first time in years, and looked at the many, many choices.

The Cut for instance – quick and easy. Nothing much to this one. One slide one moment, another the next. Blink, and you won’t even notice.

Checkerboard is a wild one. It not only cuts up the pieces of the slide to get to the next one, they flip and turn, a very intense and dramatic graphic.

Ripple – blurry becoming clear. Vortex and Shred – my GOSH! They look just like they sound, blatant ripping and colors changing and a million pieces scattered everywhere.

And then pretty ones, like Flip or Switch. Just like they sound. Not too much going on. Again, a change for sure, but neat and happy, no drama, if you will.

Life transitions follow these styles. Some of them are fantastic. They may change our view, they may flip us around or switch us to a new understanding, but the transitions are fun, like a ride at a carnival, exciting and thrilling.

And some of them are MESSY. They rip us to pieces, they take things out of focus. One day your content, your story, your life is perfect. Bullet points, images, colors, everything fits right on the page. But along comes a transition and life is turned upside down.

The good thing about transitions is that they don’t last. You eventually get to the next slide. The pretty content. Things always go from blurry to clear. In PowerPoint, you can even set the duration of those transitions. Wouldn’t that be a nice feature in daily life?

But to everyone going through a transition right now. To everyone trying desperately to get to that next slide, remember this…

Those transitions in PowerPoint do serve a purpose, and life transitions are important tools, as well. They make us stronger. They show us that no matter how dark our life may seem, there will always be a clearer day, a clearer slide ahead. Whether you find that new strength in faith, family, friends, or even an unlikely source, you will find it.

Those transitions teach us how to write the content for the rest of our slides. They give us perspective, they hurt us, they help us, they make us grow, they make us change, they give us chances, they take those chances away, they bring people in and out of our lives, they create our presentation.

No matter what you are going through in your life right now, I hope today you smile reading this silly analogy. I hope today is a little easier, a little brighter. I hope today is one day closer to your new slide. I believe in you and I feel for you.

Fade out…


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